Marcus Mariota cops to one

7 พฤศจิกายน 2017 | ข่าวเด่น

Marcus Mariota’s biggest obstacle in the NFL may not be what happens under center, But before he even gets there. “It’s going to be huddling. I haven’t huddled in a while, Mariota said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “That’s going to be one thing. That seems like a little detail, But that is kind of a big thing. There’s other things as well as far as three, five, Seven step drops. That’s all stuff I’ve been able to work on in the last month and will continue doing that, Mariota is considered one of the top two quarterbacks along with Florida State’s Jameis Winston. NFL teams have none of the character concerns about Mariota they do with Winston, But his background in the spread offense at Oregon worries some teams. At Oregon, Mariota and his teammates would look to the sideline for the play call, And then run it without huddling. In the NFL, Mariota most likely will be asked to line up under center and call the plays in the huddle. Mariota is confident he can make the transition, And in his view he is the top pick in this year’s NFL draft. “As an athlete and as a competitor, Any person will tell you they’re the best, Mariota said. “I truly believe that of myself. We’ll see what decision is made. I’m going to go in with that mentality, All indications are the Buccaneers favor Winston with the No. 1 overall pick instead of Mariota, But the Oregon quarterback said he is unconcerned with where he gets selected. “It doesn’t really affect me at all, Mariota said. “That’s going to be their decision. All I can control is how I prepare, Many people believe Mariota will be available when the Jets pick at No. 6 in April. The question then becomes whether the Jets think he could be the solution for them at quarterback or if they go in a different direction. One popular idea is the Jets could trade back for a team that desperately wants Mariota. The Eagles are the most popular team mentioned because coach Chip Kelly coached Mariota at Oregon. Mariota was asked about a reunion with Kelly. “Yeah, Why not? I think that would be a fun opportunity, He said. “But this process is out of my hands, Out of my control. We’ll see what happens, Kelly’s system would be a perfect fit for Mariota. But he is preparing himself for the traditional NFL offenses he is more likely to have to run. During his preparation for the combine, Mariota has worked with former Jets quarterback Kevin O’Connell, Who was just hired as the Browns quarterbacks coach. “While working with Kevin O’Connell, He’s given [me] A play sheet, And at night he tells me to just read the play calls out loud, Mariota said. “That’s something little. But I think as this process goes it’s going to help me with whatever team I get to in terms of just speaking in the huddle and communicating plays, Mariota said Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers came to several of the workouts in San Diego and gave him advice. NFL teams will get to see Mariota throw here on Saturday. The microscopes will be out, And the criticisms and doubts will come during the next two months as Mariota’s game is dissected. Mariota said he hears the doubters, But they don’t fuel him. “I guess you could say it’s a little bit of motivation, But it’s not the reason I’m here, He said. “There’s a purpose of why I’m here because I love this game, And I want to be part of this game for a long time. My motivation isn’t to prove anybody wrong. My motivation is to make a dream come true for me,

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